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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good Stuff !

I have decided to make a list of good things that have happened to me lately.
  • We had a shower for my SIL this weekend and she looks just fabulous!  I didn't feel a slightest pang of envy the entire time and actually enjoyed myself!
  • I bought tickets to see Velvet Revolver when they come to Detroit in April!  Whoo Hoo!  I have the hotel reservations and all that is left to do now is book the dog sitter. Yeah Baby, Yeah!
  • As of today we have new health insurance.  One that lets me use my GYN as my primary care provider!  They also will pay for 1/2 of any fertility related treatments where as our old insurance would cover diagnosis but no treatment.
  • My natural nails have grown long enough that I could paint them with a French manicure and look all "OOO La-La" if I wanted to, which I don't, but I could if I wanted to.
  • My body is producing LOADS of egg-white mucus, unfortunately it is coming from my nose.  Now if I can just get it to migrate South a bit... (NOTE: Swallowing it doesn't work, it only gives you a very sore throat... for a week... or more)
  • I went to GNC at lunch and got T a men's multi-vitamin plus herbal supplement (including green tea and L-Arginine)which should help boost that sperm count up into the "normal" range.  He HATES taking pills so for him to agree to this, and to bargain that he would quit drinking as long as he didn't have to give up going to the gym means he is quite serious about this baby-making venture.  I had doubted that up until now. (small sigh of relief)
  • I am taking tonight "off". By this I mean that I will not go to the gym but instead focus on things at home.  I will do laundry, change the bed, organize my audiobooks into playlists for my iPod, do the dishes and deposit the rebate checks we just received from Dell.  I will be busy, but at least I will have a full 4-1/2 hours in which to do these things instead of the 2-1/2 I would have if I went to the gym.
  • Total weight lost since October = 28 pounds!
  • The one co-worker that I just hate, I mean cannot stand to be in the same room with the guy kind of hate, will be out of the office for 6-8 months.  Unfortunately it is because he is undergoing cancer treatments, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (and this guy fits that description) but we are looking at the positives here and for me, not having him in the office is a positive. If they find his cancer is occupation related then maybe he'll just find a job elsewhere.  That would be a win-win!
  • I had an excellent workout last night while listening to Guns-N-Roses, Velvet Revolver, Bon Jovi, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Alanis Morrissette, Pantera and even a little Slayer.  Motivational music to get the heart pumpin'!
  • T bought me the most GINORMOUS strawberries I have ever seen and they are SO GOOD!  I had some on my spelt flakes this morning (along with some flax seeds and soy milk). Yummmm.


Jen P said...

So good to hear there are lots of good things going on! Congrats again on the weight loss! It's fantastic to hear and truly inspiring.

And have heaps of fun at the concert!

ThreeBees said...

Good Stuff indeed! I'm smiling ear to ear just reading this post.

And 28 POUNDS! BLUE!! THAT IS AWESOME! How far are you from your goal weight?

Hope more good stuff keeps coming!

Blue said...

I want to lose another 18 pounds to get to my goal weight. That would put me at the top of the range for my "ideal weight". If I can lose more without killing myself I will try but I want to find a weight that I can maintain easily. I will continue the exercise and "way of eating" and it SHOULD work. I am learning more about nutrition every day, very interesting stuff.
However, I do have to admit I got take out from Arby's yesterday for lunch. Curly fries and a Jamoca shake. Oh my, my first since New Year's. Back on track today though.