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Saturday, March 19, 2005

How ya doin' Blue?

Still snotty thanks!
My uncle sent me an email telling me his cold was still bothering him.  He said he was still blowing his nose quite often and then added "sorry, TMI".  If he only knew what I divulge to perfect strangers he would seriously shake his head.  TMI indeed!

I am supposed to test on Saturday so I expect AF will show up on Friday morning.  I can say this with some level of certainty after T's flu, my cold and only performing the procedure once anywhere near what may or may not have been O.  The real proof came last night when I went to my knitting group.  One of the ladies brought chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and filled with caramel!  I had not one (breaking my diet) but 2 cookies.  I would have eaten the whole container if no one was looking!  Shit. (Good news is I have officially lost 8 inches from around my waist AND my boobs haven't shrunk anymore.  I think they have hit bottom, WHEW!)
The good news is I called the RE clinic and had them send me an information packet.  I can have all the new patient paperwork filled out when I tell my OB/GYN that though she has been loyal (well, not really) all these years she's just not what I'm looking for.  Its not you, its me.  Or, Git 'er Done!  So, I'll be all set when April rolls around and it is time to make that phone call. 
We should have some fun scheduling the next SA.  T is taking his vitamin with herbal supplements daily like a good boy.  He does complain however that these pills seem to have turned his pee "neon" yellow and it "smells funny".  He is concerned if we do conceive the child might be radioactive due to his supplements.  Oh yeah, and the pills themselves taste like ass.  I wouldn't know as I haven't tried them but they sure don't smell very good.  The scheduling conflict comes out like so: We want him to have been taking the vitamins for a month, we need to be sure to abstain for at least three days prior to the test which means we also need to work around my next O time and also his Birthday.  We'll see how it goes, the SA may wait until April. :0)

NOTE: This post was sent by email almost two weeks ago, I'll let it stand since I did intend on posting it here, but keep in mind that the events are no longer timely.

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