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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Things that make no sense...

Out of nowhere -

T: I hope you’re pregnant.

Blue: (almost choking on the bite of sandwich I was eating) Well, yeah, me too.

T: Then we wouldn’t have to do all this doctor stuff.

Blue: Hmm. (Thinking I SO could have come up with a better reason than that.)

T: I’m having trouble getting over this finger thing. I would be totally different if it were a woman sticking her finger up my ass. (To check his prostate.)

Blue: Uh-huh.

T: I mean I would rather have a 480 year-old-woman stick her finger up my ass than Dr. Finger. (Yes, T gave the doctor that name.)


T: I would rather have an UGLY woman stick her finger up my ass than Dr. Finger.

I am getting the feeling he is not looking forward to going to the urologist.


The good...sort of -
So I had a dream yesterday morning that Andy Dick, the actor, was in love with me and trying to lure me away from T. It almost worked. There was a moment when Andy and I were alone and it was breaking my heart that I was breaking his heart. I think I bought him a candle as a present. I told him that I felt that I could fall in love with him if given the opportunity but that I was with T and it just couldn’t happen right now. I woke up feeling melancholy. I was happy though to find out just how devoted I am to T even in my subconscious! I also found it interesting that I chose a funny non-conventionally-good-looking guy over someone like Brad Pitt who is empirically drool-worthy.

The bad -
This morning my dream was not so good. I dreamt that a man who looked like this with longish scruffy hair(I knew when I woke up that he reminded me of the guy in that movie with the phonebooth in it, which I haven’t seen) was trying to break in the back door of my house. I was on the inside of the door trying to get the latch to catch so that I could lock it. We pushed back and forth until I finally got it closed. Then I sat down behind the door so he couldn’t open it. He pulled out a drill and started pulling the hinges off the door (the hinges are actually inside but they were outside in my dream). He yelled that if he was in the house by now I would know that he was an arsonist too. He was very angry and obviously hated me with a passion. His intent was to rape and kill me. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just did, it was a dream thing. I must have passed out on my stake out of the door since I suddenly woke up and realized he wasn’t fighting against the door anymore. I looked out the little peephole and saw him laying on the ground, handcuffed, and grinning up at me. There were a couple cops standing around, probably waiting for their superiors to get there. I didn’t think the guy was properly restrained and was afraid he would break free and either run and get away, or come after me again. He said that he would get my husband on his way home from work and he would kill A and M the other couple that lived in our house (not really, but in the dream they did) too. Later we found out that he knew all our names, where we worked, etc. since he had taken our mail on several occasions and we vowed to get a locking mailbox. All I have to say is…Huh?

Needless to say, I will not be seeking out any Colin Farrel movies anytime soon. I didn’t even know that was his name until I just googled phonebooths. *shiver*

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