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Friday, January 21, 2005

Why I Love My SIL and Other Good News

Because she sends me emails like this:
IT'S A BOY!!!!!
we went for the ultrasound today and just like his father, our little boy enjoyed showing everyone his stuff.  J finds it very humorous that our child already takes after him.
You must realize that we have been victims of J's moonings on several occasions.  Like just this past Christmas for instance.

So the other good news is that T's company is switching to new insurance.  I know this is often time for groans and sobs and piles of paperwork but I was looking through the plan last night and ALL of our doctors participate and the local Fertility Gods are covered up to 50% which is better than the 0% we had before and I can use my OB/GYN as my primary care physician so I don't have to make a bazillion phone calls for referrals for things anymore. (How is that for a sentence?)  Even the Thyroid Guru was listed in the book. Whoo Hoo!
That insurance might just be the best birthday present I get this year!


Jen P said...

Good insurance is way better than anything else I've ever found. So glad to hear you're getting some coverage!!

ThreeBees said...

Congrats on the coverage and the new nephew!