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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dog + Construction = Puke

Poor Maggie is not handling the construction well.  She is not eating again.  Drives me crazy.  She almost looks too sad to eat. (I think she is suffering from anorexia brought on by autism, if that is possible. No joke, I am completely serious.)
The electrician is supposed to come tomorrow to rewire the outside lights and install a ceiling fan in the livingroom.  I can't wait.  We will also get some more outlets in our bedroom (only one right now) so that will be nice.  No more extension cords run around the floor.
We have to clean, shop, pack and repair the broken boards on the house before we leave for Seattle on Thursday morning.  We should be able to get it all done...I hope.
The good news is I found my bite splint. I have been needing it lately with all the stress and couldn't find it (TMJ on overdrive!).  It was in the pocket of a bag I haven't used in a while.  I found it cleaning out the dormer so the electrician can get into the attic, which is full of wasps and bees since there was no screen on the roof vent.  *shaking my head*
THIS is why we are skipping the IUI this month, which would be this week sometime as well.  (Gold star on Blue's forehead for thinking ahead!)
See you all next week!
PS - Jen P. I'm thinking of you girl and will check in when I can to see what is happening with your little Kiwi.


B said...

Hey I have a bite splint too. They suck. But the pain in the jaw sucks more. Poor Maggie. Is she still on anti-anxiety pills?

ThreeBees said...

Poor little Maggie. . . :(

I can't imagine if you had to go through an IUI this month too -- good choice to take a month off -- You are one smart cookie! :)

Thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

Jen P said...

Wishing you both lots of luck with all the construction around the house. And hope you have a lovely time in Seattle!!

Thanks for your well-wishes!!

Thinking of you and poor Maggie.