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Monday, August 01, 2005

What day is it again? Oh, that's right, I don't care.

I am not supposed to care since we are taking this cycle off.  I woke up this morning with no concept of where I was in my cycle.  I decided to temp just this once to see whether I was Pre or Post ovulation.  97.3 means I am Pre.  I just so happened to notice that I was feeling a bit crampy today and I just happened to notice that just after lunch I felt a quick sharp pain in my right ovary.  I then thought quite in passing that I should be ovulating sometime this week so I did a nonchalant day count and discovered that today is CD14. Hmm.  You know, not that I care because I have too many other things going on right now.  Ask me if I care in another couple of weeks would ya? You know, because right now I don't care...but I might temp tomorrow just to see.  You know, for curiosity's sake.

This past weekend:
We stripped the house. (It is MUCHO ugly at this point, can't wait for that beautiful new siding.)
We drank a LOT.
T is turning in the aluminum for $ this afternoon.
I am getting a massage tonight.
T is going to a concert tonight. (Killswitch Engage anyone?)
I will clean out all of our junk blocking the access door to the attic tonight.

This morning I:
Called the siding guy to schedule a meeting on Wednesday.
Called the GYN to schedule my annual exam.
Called the carpet cleaning people.
Made the car payment.
Made the Home Depot payment.
Picked up more FB for Men at GNC.
Made a HUGE to-do list for the next three days.
Oh yeah, and went to work.
Sometime before Thursday we will:
Do laundry.
Buy new dress clothes for T since his are all too big now after his weight loss.
Have the electrical work done inside and out.
Re-negotiate the contract with the siding people since we found some ugly things we weren't expecting hiding under the aluminum.
Confirm everything with the house/dog sitter.
Clean the house.
Charge the camera.
Set the VCR to tape the NASCAR race on Sunday since we will be flying home during that time.
Pick up the dog poop out back.
Put out the trash.
Take pictures of the house in its ugly stage. (Did I mention how ugly it is?  It looks like a burned out carcass of a house you would find in downtown Detroit.)
Make repairs to the house so it is set to go for the siding people.
Completely freak out because there is NO TIME to do all of this AND work full-time AND you know, eat and sleep...all in the next three days!


B said...

OMG - you are one busy chick! Good luck pulling all this off and not breaking down! Ahh, you can do it, I know that. Have fun in Seattle - I'm jealous!

Susan / holdingpattern said...

Post pictures of the ugly stage house. I wanna see what a house looks like without siding!

FattyPants said...

Your to do list is big and it scares me :| I stumbled into ovulation once when I wasn't monitoring too. So good luck:)