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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No Time

  • I have no time to read or write. 
  • Back from Seattle, it was fun. 
  • Now that I am back from "vacation" I am too busy for internet stuff. 
  • Siding going up tomorrow, in-laws coming for dinner tonight (just found out yesterday, we are not prepared for company right now).
  • Will catch up when I can on my reading and then will catch up on my writing.
  • Vanilla Vodka = GOOOOOOOD especially with cherries.


Internal Spring said...

Blue, glad you're making time for the other parts of life, hope you're enjoying the time away!

B said...

Hi Blue! Welcome back. Glad Seattle was fun - can't wait to hear more about it. Don't work too hard!

Jen P said...

Wishing you the best with all the business.

Had to ask though: Fresh cherries topped with Vanilla Vodka?

Cherries soaked in Vanilla Vodka?

Shots of vanilla vodka with cherry on top?

I have to apologize but the idea of vanilla vodka has me bouncing around. It sounds so nice!!

Best wishes.

Lala said...

Vanilla Vodka - you're such a tease to the non-drinkers!!

b said...

LMAO at your comment spam, Blue! Bwahhahaahhaahaha!