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Friday, August 26, 2005

New...Again and The Big Party Weekend!

Well I haven't had time to teach myself HTML in order to fix the funky gap in the blog thing so I have once again changed the template on my blog.  It is simple and user friendly I think.  Does anyone actually look at my site anymore or am I bloglined?  I do love bloglines for its ease of use but I do miss the personalization from visiting the sites themselves.
Big plans for the weekend?
Why, Yes! Thanks for asking!
T's uncle is getting married on Saturday.  We just learned about it at the beginning of the week.  I think he and his fiance went to the Sturgis bike rally and came back engaged.  Low and behold they called the family and the preacher and said "Show up at our place at 2 on Saturday, wear your jeans and we'll go have dinner after at the Old Country Buffet."  I must say, I can't wait.  I am more psyched about this wedding than the most formal event you've ever heard of.  I really like Uncle D and L is such a sweetheart. It should be a good time and we should still make it back home in time to watch the Bristol race on TV (it is a Saturday night race this week).
On Sunday I (at least, not sure if T will come or not) will be attending my nephew's 3rd birthday party.  Again, we just learned about this get-together at the beginning of this week. (Nothing like planning ahead, I tell ya what!) 
So, my original plan for this weekend (early morning meeting with FRED, go to the gym, rent a power washer to strip old paint off of foundation of house, watch Bristol race, sleep, go to gym, start repainting foundation of house) will have to be put on hold.


Lala said...

I come directly to the site, I used Bloglines for the headlines but then I go visit peoples sites, you never know what you'll find.

amanda said...

I'm a Bloglines girl all the way. There's no way I could keep up without it. I have to say that I like whatever you've done because now your full post appears in Bloglines instead of just the first few lines. I hope you have a good weekend.

b said...

I blogline you, but I usually click on your link once you have an update. I was just going to suggest the opposite of what Amanda likes...change your feed to only show a snippet of the post that way people are "forced" to come to your site to read the rest of the post.

I hope you have a great weekend!