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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

30 Weeks

We would have been 30 weeks gestation today.  This is a big milestone as this is the point I wanted to reach to feel comfortable giving birth to a premature baby.  I never had any indication that she would come early but I knew that 30 weeks has a very good survival rate and things tend to go well from here. 
Ha!  Joke's on me I guess. 
Azure is doing great!  She is up to 7ml/hour of milk and she is getting all of her nutrition from the milk now.  They will probably take out the IV by the end of the week as she won't need it anymore.  She is stopping the steroids for her lungs and they will continue to give her the caffeine only they will switch to oral instead of IV for that. 
She is up to 2 pounds 5.7 ounces.  This seems amazing!  She has also started filling her diaper on a more regular basis which is a good thing.
We are practicing on the nasal cannula twice a day for two hours at a time.  She likes this MUCH better than the CPAP. 
Friday marks her 6 week birthday.  Hard to believe.  We are looking forward to the baby shower on Saturday so we can get her room all set up at home.  We still expect her to come home sometime in May.  She needs to get this breathing thing down and gain some more weight first.  We are holding her, reading to her, bathing her and I will be learning infant massage soon which they say can shorten our time in the NICU.  Hey, who doesn't love a massage, right?
She sneezes and she is REALLY drooly and she is starting to fuss more when she is unhappy.  In other words, she is acting like a baby!  We couldn't be happier. 


Diana said...

so good to hear baby is doing so well... I keep hoping for the best for you and your new family! Keep your chin up and enjoy your little one!

ThreeBees said...

That is so awesome Blue!! 6 weeks already and gaining like a champ!

Hope you have a wonderful baby shower and get all the things you need to welcome Azure home proper!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so wonderful!

Keep us posted on the updates... I'm always anxious for news.

Uncommon Misconception

Miss W said...

Yay Azure! Glad to hear she is doing so well.

daysgoby said...

YAY! Your news made me smile all day today!

Could we maybe have a picture of Azurefoot? Or Azurehand? Or the back of Azureshead while being rocked by Incognito Blue?

I understand your wish for privacy. I'm greedy for a little glimpse, that's all!

So happy for you. Lots of kangaroo stuff now?