March for Babies

Friday, March 24, 2006

Note to Self

When dropping off the disposable cameras (kept in Azure's bed) on Wednesday do not sign up for the "Next Day" developing since they send it out but have two day delivery service and they don't actually send them out until the next day and then they don't receive deliveries on Saturdays so your "Next Day" pictures will be in on Sunday.


Miss W said...

Which is why we went digital with the lowercase. I'm normally a fan of for real film and prints but dammit, I needed my photos PRONTO and nothing beats emailing the digital images to Target and getting the prints on the way home from the hospital (And yes, we did that. Many times. We have a cellular modem for the laptop that we took with us regularly for that purpose)

kim said...

this is exactly why I will ONLY do one hour developing. I've had important photos lost in their "service" and the one hour stays in house. if you have a costco nearby, their one hour is great.