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Friday, September 09, 2005

Gushing Oodles of Love for My Maaaa-ggie Dawwwwg

Christine asked for the top 10 reasons we love our pet(s).  Here is my list for my wonderful Maggie Girl, in no particular order.
  1. I get snuffly ear "kisses" whenever I lay on the floor.
  2. She does doggie yoga when she wakes up.  Starting out in Downdog then reaching through into Cobra.
  3. We have determined that for Maggie, snot equals love since when she greets us she sniffs us all over then sneezes into our faces. We usually say "Oh, Thank you Maggie!" and wipe the snot right back onto her. (My husband went so far as to blow his nose on her ear once but then felt guilty and cleaned it off for her.)
  4. She does NOT eat everything/anything in site...including her own food (which is something I wish I could change) but this means our furniture, shoes and electronics are safe.
  5. She loves to snuggle up with us on the couch or chair which is why she has never been allowed on the bed, she would take over.
  6. She is part lab and part boxer.  You can totally see both breeds in her.  The boxer people see the boxer straight away but the lab people usually ask what she is mixed with.
  7. I never would have done it myself but her tail was bobbed before we got her.  I LOVE it.  The veracity (and velocity) with which she shakes her hind end leads me to believe a full tail would be a lethal weapon.
  8. When her ears are perked up she looks just like a puppy.  I think she will always have a baby face.
  9. Whether I have been gone 3 days or only 10 minutes she greets me with the same enthusiasm.  She barks to let me know that I am too slow getting out of the car to meet her at the door.
  10. She begs for lettuce and bacon alike.  She LOVES vegetables but is absolutely transfixed when I am eating a Granny Smith Apple!!!
  11. I'm adding # 11, because she is my BABY!  She is the first real pet (not counting fish) of my adult life.  I plan on owning dogs the rest of my life (one at a time) and as T says all the time, "I love this one, but I'll love the next one too".  I know this is true, but she is my first, and will always be the standard by which all other dogs are judged.  (I assume they will not all have eating disorders but I do intend on finding other special needs dogs now that I know I have the patience and love to care for them.)


Tiff said...

Animals are just simply THE BEST, aren't they? >^..^<

Lala said...

I looove that Vodka eats vegetables too. I forgot about that.