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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

18 Week PG Update

18 Weeks today!  How is this going so fast?  I have a normal prenatal appt. next week and will schedule the big ultrasound at that time.  We do plan on finding out the gender.  Can't wait to know what we are looking forward to.  Boy or Girl doesn't matter, I just want to know which so I can start thinking about names.  I would also like to buy something other than yellow or green for once.
I feel great!  I tell people I am having an un-textbook pregnancy and they look horrified and ask what is wrong.  I tell them nothing is wrong, I feel no different from normal every day.  The one exception being that I do not feel my Endo symptoms like I usually would.  I have felt what seems like ovary pain and what feels like those warm AF cramps occasionally but for the most part I feel better now than I have in years.
I am just now starting to show and I think it is more a matter of the baby in the back (retroverted uterus remember) pushing out my belly fat.  I can't suck in my gut anymore but the area around my bellybutton is still nice and squishy so I know that is still fat and not baby.  I feel tightening and painful stretching sometimes and I joke the kid is going through a growth spurt.  Probably not so much of a joke as they said this month the baby will actually double its size!  Holy Cow! So far I have gained 11 pounds.  My fat pants from before my weightloss are still too big and baggy in all the wrong areas (legs, butt, hips) so I think I shall take my new gift certificates (from Xmas) and head to the maternity store for pants to wear to work. *sigh*  I am such a tightwad when it comes to clothes!
Last night I started working on knitting a baby afghan.  The first project for the little one.  Cross your fingers I get it done by June.  This sucker could take a while as it is done with fine gauge yarn and on relatively small needles.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.
T gave me a gliding recliner for Christmas to put in the nursery.  YAY! Santa was good to me too with a gift certificate for the local salon/day spa.  They have a package especially for preggos which includes massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and hair style.  I figure I'll wait until I am nice and miserable this spring and then go spoil myself for a while.
In other news I went to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe the other day.  If any of you are fans of The Chronicles of Narnia I highly recommend it.  I was very nervous that they would muck it up trying to make it into a movie but they did a really good job.  If you haven't read the Chronicles then let me ask...WHY NOT?!?!?!?!  They are fabulous!
We visited friends from college for New Years.  They have a fondue party each year and it is always a great time. I drank grape juice mixed with Sprite. It was actually pretty good.  Then toasted with sparkling grape juice.  (So miss the drinking!)
I am knocking on the door of 1/2 way.  Still amazes me.


Lala said...

Halfway feels soooo good! I'm jealous of your glider.

Cricket said...

Congrats on almost half way. Great milestone, then the really big milestone at 24.

Your green/yellow comment hit home and it made its way into my post today. (Courtesy trackback ping.)

JJ said...

18 weeks already? I'll never get over how fast these Internet pregnancies go by! lol I'm thrilled it's been so uneventful for you.

I got the Narnia Chronicles for Christmas and am now re-reading them (and almost enjoying them more than I did as a child.) I'm reading them in the order of publication and I just started Dawn Treader last night. I'm so glad to hear the movie didn't much anything up.

Ollie said...

Keep up the good work!! It's amazing how fast time flies. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling good.

Lion, Witch & Wardrobe was incredible. I was so impressed. And Tilda Swinton blew me away as the White Witch. I can't WAIT until the next one.

ThreeBees said...

18 week! Very cool. Your pregnancy is speeding by and you'll meet your little one before you know it!

daysgoby said...

You sound so excited! I can't wait - I'm so happy for you!

April said...

I'm so excited for you - eighteen weeks already?!?! Wow.