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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coin Toss Anyone?

I am not talking about the hilarious events of the cointoss that Threebees and her hubby endured trying to decide whether or not to find out the gender.  I am saying, what do you think Light Blue will be?  I shall take any and all predictions and let you know the results when we find out.
As for me, a toss of the coin is as good a guess as I am going to get.  People keep asking me what I think it is, like I am supposed to have this deep psychic connection with the child already.  I should KNOW, I am its MOTHER!  However, I do not.  So, my prediction for this afternoon's ultrasound is as follows.
1) A girl (going against my dreams on this one.)
2) Anterior Placenta (to explain why "I ain't quick yet! I ain't quick!")*
3) A stream of urine lasting exactly 56 seconds immediately following the OK TO PEE from the u/s tech. (Do you all do this?  Count how long you pee? I am just saying, I can hold a LOT of pee, but it HURTS!)
So, give me your predictions and we will see who is right.
* Gold Star +++++ if you can name the book with that quote.


ThreeBees said...

I think GIRL. But I can't wait to find out. . .I'll be checking back often. ;)

B said...

I'm going with Boy. Just a hunch. Can't wait to hear!

Becky said...

My friends with kids have usually been right in their dreams. I'll go with boy.

Jen P said...

I dreamed all boys and had a girl. So I'm going GIRL.

EEEEEE!! When do we get results?!

B said...

And why haven't we updated yet?

Shana said...

The Cider House Rules

Girl, girl, girl, girl. And I'm always wrong (at baby sex guessing, anyway), so you're having a boy!

Leah said...

Ha - I was lurking around your site and saw this. I think it comes from James Herriot (which book I don't know). He talks about some gal coming into the vet practice thinking she's in the Dr's. office. Did I win?