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Friday, January 20, 2006

U/S Update

I had a whole post typed up and ready to send and then my browser crashed and I lost it!  So here is the new and improved version.
Half way through this pregnancy.  I cannot believe it.  We had the big anatomy ultrasound yesterday.
The baby was squirming and flipping around so much that the tech had a real time of it trying to get all of her measurements.  I had eaten a couple cookies while I drank my 32oz. of water so that I would have something a little more solid in my stomach.  I guess Light Blue was feeling the sugar. 
We are measuring about a week ahead of schedule so she wrote down May 31 as a due date.  She kept asking if we were sure about the conception date and I kept telling her it was a highly documented and regulated insemination, there really were no mistakes there. *shrug*
At this point it is looking like T will get his Daddy's Girl.  He is envisioning a mini-me with the blonde hair and blue eyes.  I suppose we'll find out.  He is rarely wrong.  He had been saying right from the start it would be a girl so yesterday's "discovery" was more of a validation for him rather than the big revealing of a secret.
To celebrate we enjoyed a night at home just relaxing.  I was going to make dinner but then I noticed a tight feeling in my feet and ankles.  I was barefoot so it couldn't be my shoes (yes, I just admitted to being barefoot and pregnant, stop laughing).  I looked down and saw that my ankles had swelled up to more than double their normal size.  I therefore banished myself to the couch for the rest of the evening and T made me dinner.  Not a bad deal actually as he is a better cook than I am. :0)
Kudos to S for correctly identifying yesterday's quote from The Cider House Rules.  If you haven't read it yet GO READ IT!!!!  Don't watch the movie, READ THE BOOK.  There is so much humor and heart in it that the movie left out.  It is one of my favorites. And I was wrong about the anterior placenta.  I guess I just cannot feel her.  It is not a matter of her not moving because holy cow she was jacked up on that sugar.  I hope those legs settle down a bit before I have to change messy diapers. 
I was so psyched about having a little girl that I forgot to count how long I peed.  It really didn't matter to me anymore.
So, it shall be sugar and spice and everything nice!  Or, as T pointed out, she could turn out to be a total bitch.  I thought of myself and figured she'll probably be a little of both. :0)
Now we have to NAME her!!!!


B said...

Congratulations Blue! I'm so happy for you and glad everything looks great!

suzanne said...

May I suggest INDIGO, Azure, Bleu or Periwinkle?

Sam said...

Might as well take the time to delurk and say congratulations! A little girl! YAY!

Lala said...

loverly! I can't wait to hear your name ideas. Did the tech mention seeing a hotdog in a bun? That's how he referred to my girl's genitals. I thought that was a pretty good description. That's some freaky swelling kid, take care of If I need to tell YOU that!

Shana said...

Oh, how wonderful!!!! Congratulations! I'm kind of in shock that my baby sex guess was right.

You are going to love having a little girl. They are so sweet... I am sure your daughter is going to look gorgeous is blue.

Jen P said...

A girl!!

Yeah!! I'm a tad biased so I can't help but be overjoyed for you. Yeah!!

Congrats to you guys. I'm sure she's going to be just beautiful. Awww, now I've got tears.

Best wishes!

ThreeBees said...

Wonderful news Blue!! You both will have so much fun. Hooray! A sweet baby girl!

daysgoby said...

Don't forget Skye, River, Raine...umm...Puddle?

Gloriously happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And hey I was just mocking, er, reading a baby name website and saw the name "Indogo." Feel free to use it!

And, yes yes yes, thou shalt READ John Irving, not watch the movies. Except maybe for Garp because I love John Lithgow in it.