March for Babies

Friday, January 27, 2006

U/S Pictures

We are still debating names. Based on what we have seen, she will look like either an alien from the X-Files or the Grinch. What do you think?





ThreeBees said...

I had a friend who was pregnant with a little girl and based on the pictures from the 20 week ultrasound her and her husband started calling the little one, "Alien Princess" or AP for short. . . but a little baby that looks like the Grinch is kinda cool too. . . :)

daysgoby said...

Grinch - you can call her 'Max' for a nickname....(that was the name of his doggie)

Hmph, ultrasounds all make you think you must have swallowed Juju the Shrunken Head doll....