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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Groin Pull, now with Super-Sized Ovaries!

I started this new weight machine at the gym this weekend. It works hip abduction (pushing out, you know, like in the stirrups) and hip adduction (squeezing in). The important part to note is that out was just fine, in was a bit more of a challenge. Being the stellar athlete that I am (Geez, did you see my eyes roll on that one?) I pushed through and did my sets and reps with my breathing, etc. This may not have been the best approach.

For two days now the muscles that connect my legs to my torso (adductors) have been very unhappy with me. I go to stand up and I get pain between my legs on both sides of my most nether of regions. I get comfortable in a sitting position and then moving to the upright they tighten up and don't want to stretch out that far causing me to grimace and stoop like an old woman (I am a bit crotchety at the ripe old age of 30) and most of the time I am able to keep from groaning. Most of the time.

I have always had "tight hips". I took yoga classes regularly for a while and the teacher was told me I had this problem. I could usually get into a position but getting back out of it was another story all together. I have found this to be true in bed as well. We can do what we do and after, T will ask if my legs are broken. They are fine during, while I'm in whatever position I happen to be in. It is moving out of that position and usually trying to straighten my legs after that causes problems. Maybe I need a bit of oil in my joints like the Tin Man?

For the past two days (CD3 and 4) I have been taking my 100mg Clomid like a good girl. I am also back on the Met after taking the weekend off to wallow in a martini and a few cold beers. I have been feeling rather full in the lower abdominal area. It feels like my ovaries are the size of overgrown lemons and bouncing around in my abdomen like astronauts in the zero gravity training room. (Boing, Bounce, Boom)They are sore. I can't imagine waiting another 10 days to ovulate if I'm this full already.

The trouble is this. The two pains, the inner hip pain and the ovary pain, combine to form one big sphere of pain in that whole general region. (whimper) I have learned that I squeeze my thighs tightly together while I drive. I have learned that it hurts when I lift one foot off of the gas to press the brake. ouch. I have learned that I tend to have a large stride, which has gotten shorter in the past couple of days.

I am hoping both of these issues resolve themselves before (if) I do ovulate because sex sounds like the last thing I want to do feeling like this.


Jen P said...

Ugh. The hip pain sounds so painful!! Oh you have my full sympathy. I had awful, awful ovary pain on Clomid and I can't imagine putting horrible hip pain on top of that.

I wish you could just oil up your joints!!

Hope it gets better really soon and doesn't cause any 'issues' in the next few days!

Best wishes to you.

ThreeBees said...

Ouch! Hope it all feels better soon.

Internal Spring said...

I've been on Met for years and can drink on it - I know the warnings say don't but you may find you can - better to stay on it I think. Red wine lowers blood sugar, so that's what I stick too.