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Thursday, April 28, 2005


My throat was sore yesterday, I ignored it thinking maybe it would go away. It is not sore today (so I guess it worked, right?) except today it is scratchy and I have to keep clearing my throat which will eventually lead back to the sore throat thing. AND…my nose is running.

This makes me think back to the cycle before last where I was sick just about the entire time and I asked the question : Does Sick Equal Pregnant? My answer then was a resounding “NO”. Hmm.

According to the Amiga de Fertility site I am 4DPO. I have an Endometrial Biopsy scheduled for next Tuesday…CD25. Anyone want to take bets on which comes first? The bloodletting or AF? Anyone?

Also, they say that the Endometrial Biopsy (capitalized to show its importance in the I'm-A-Bit-Apprehensive category) will not interfere with implantation. Um. How the Hell could it not interfere with implantation? Do you know how this works? They stick a tube in your ute and twirl it around and around while moving it up and down and vacuuming out cells from your lining. Now, a vibrator making those same motions a little lower down would not cause me any worries in the slightest. (Anyone have a cigarette?) But in my ute when I am TTC and on CD25…at the peak of the 2WW Freak Out stage just doesn’t seem right. Hopefully the test will give me some answers that I can then take to the Fertility God who will fill me with a sense of calm and well-being as opposed to a ute vacuum. I hope.

And another thing! This goes out to the producers of Discovery Health Channel’s show Maternity Ward. When you have just shown the delivery of a baby at 25 weeks gestation and you are zooming in on the pediatric nurses performing CPR on said baby it is not necessary to do the slow-mo-for-added-dramatic-effect bit. IT IS ALREADY DRAMATIC ENOUGH!!!!! Please make a note of this in the future. Thank you.

Note to self: Never again watch Maternity Ward while eating dinner alone since it will cause you to cry while chewing and almost choke to death and then completely lose your appetite.

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ThreeBees said...

I hope that you are feeling better today and that any cold symptoms you have go away quickly.

Hope your biopsy goes well too. I'll be waiting to hear. :)

Have a great weekend!