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Friday, April 08, 2005

NEXT !!!

My boobs no longer hurt, the color on the TP is getting lighter and lighter, that pain near the right ovary is getting farther and farther between twinges and my temp yesterday morning was 97.5. Are we reading anything into this? Still want me to pee on a stick? Anyone? Anyone?

Yesterday afternoon T and I met up and went together to see my GYN, Dr. WaitnSee. T was very excited about his first trip to the gynecologist's office and was a bit disappointed he didn't get to see me naked with my feet up in the stirrups.

Maybe next time, Dear.

We filled her in on my current cycle, how I ovulated on my own (she was very proud, I could tell), the spotting, etc. We told her we have the appointment set up for T to see the urologist (Dr. JellyFinger). She gave me a referral to have a "lesion" taken off my left side. (I had it checked years ago and was told it was not cancerous and nothing to worry about but T is freaked out about it so I shall have it removed.) She said that on CD24 or 25 of my next cycle we will do an endometrial biopsy. I looked this up online and the general consensus is "ouch". So, you know, I have THAT to look forward to.

I have the lab slip and will go tomorrow to get blood drawn to check my progesterone level and also my thyroid.

We are getting a new insurance policy through that place with the loud duck. Ask about it at work! It will cover prenatal visits, hospital stay and delivery, extra $ for a C-section and best of all it will pay my salary for 12 weeks of maternity leave. Sounds good right? What's the catch Blue? Well, yeah, that's just it. We are signing up in the month of April which means I'M NOT ALLOWED TO GET PREGNANT until May 1st. This is just the type of Murphy's Law situation I have been waiting for! It HAS to work right? Because if my state of non-un-pregnant-ness is confirmed by a doctor before the month of May then we do not get the benefits! PERFECT!!!!

This morning my temp was 97.1. I had full blown brown blood spotting. I had cramps. I had low back pain. I took 800mg of ibuprofen. I am irritable.


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B said...

Sorry about the low temps and spotting Blue. Oh and good luck with that Biopsy. Read my post "Hell hath no fury" for my experience. But, I'm sure you can guess by the title...