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Monday, April 18, 2005

Nothing much to say.

We had a wonderful weekend, just the two of us (and the dog) bumming around at home.

I am now down 40 pounds after shedding 5 more pounds last week. (read !!!!!!!!!) I might actually reach my goal weight early. Wow.

People keep asking me my secret. I should produce an entire infomercial to explain my revolutionary new diet secret. Are you ready? Operators are standing by! Here it is. BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU EAT! Oh my, you wouldn’t believe the groans I get when I say this. People want to pop a pill or drink some super dooper water that will wash away the pounds. It is HARD work people! I still suffer through workouts on some days but it is getting easier and easier and I’m sleeping better at night, I have more energy during the day and I’m not starving by any means.

I have my knitting group tonight at the coffee shop and intend on splurging on a decaf “Milky Way” with skim milk. YUM

I have been getting High readings on the monitor for a few days now. Just waiting to see a Peak followed by a temp rise so I can start the dreaded 2WW.

As we were snuggling into bed last night T said “I love you lots and lots” and I said “Me too” and he said “You love yourself lots and lots?” and I said “Sure” and he said “Self-Love is good” and I said “Yes” and he said “Would you show me some Self-Love now?” and I cracked up. My poor perverted husband.

My fabulous friend who turned me on to blogs in the first place is pregnant after m/c and I will hold my breath and keep my fingers and toes crossed until she brings home this little bundle of joy. Oh please, please, please let this one stick!!!!!

All for now.


Jen P said...

That is fantastic about the weight loss!! Absolutely amazing!!

Good luck with the peak reading and fingers crossed!!

Best wishes and hoping your week is a lovely one.

B said...

Congrats on the phenomenal job with the weight loss! That is awesome! Good luck to you in the 2ww.

ThreeBees said...

Blue! 40 POUNDS! That is so wonderful. Congrats! That is a lot of work and willpower.

I went through the same thing when I dropped a lot of weight -- people wanted to know what my secret was -- when I answered excercise and watching my diet I alway got this look of disappointment -- I guess they just wanted me to tell them it was a magic pill. . .

Again, GREAT JOB! :) You kick so much ass. . .

Internal Spring said...

Good going on the weight loss, you did it the right way - and it can be so hard to lose weight with IR and thyroid disease - so your loss is quite an achievement!