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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blow by Blow

Friday - Negative HPT. Bummed and tell T who says it is too early and he doesn't believe it. I agree to wait a week and see what happens though I know in my heart that the HPT was right.
Saturday - While shopping we decide to buy a case of Miller Lite for me in the hopes that having it sitting there in the fridge all inviting-like will ensure that I am actually knocked up and will not be able to enjoy them.  T says not to worry, he will gladly enjoy them in front of me even though he prefers a different brand.
Sunday - Notice cramp-like warmth in my lower abdomen during lunch.  TP check confirms blood.  I take 800mg Ibuprofen and call it a cycle.  I grabbed the first of what would be many Miller Lites that afternoon/evening.
Sunday Night/ Monday Morning - Toss and turn unable to get into a comfortable position because the cramps hurt SO BAD and would not GO AWAY!!!! 
Monday - Send out emails to all who knew of the IUI letting them know it did not work and then having to accept all the "I'm sorries" followed by the questions of "why didn't it work?".  Um, yeah, that happens sometimes.  I actually used the analogy, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him fertilize the egg."  I think it worked.  I called the Fertility God's office and left a voicemail for the nurse that #1) this is CD1, #2) the IUI didn't work, #3) we are taking this next cycle off, #4) I would like to be checked for a cyst on/near my right ovary since I've had pain their for the last three months, and #5) I would like to get the results of the anti-sperm antibodies tests that both T and I had done two weeks ago.  Hopefully she'll call back this afternoon.


B said...

Oh Blue - major suckville. I'm so sorry. I hope they determine the cause of that pain soon - no fun at all!

PJ said...

Sorry Blue. As B said, the least they could do is find the cause of the pain.

Hang in there

thalia said...

I'm so sorry sweetie, that's incredibly disappointing. I'm so looking forward to the cycle that works for you, in the meantime let's kick their butts to get the other stuff fixed.

Ollie said...

Aw fuck. Get thee to a can of Miller Lite and shotgun that mofo.

Internal Spring said...

Sorry about the BFN and the pain you're experiencing - that doesn't sound right at all, I hope you can get a solution for that soon. Time off is good time. It does sound like it's Miller time....

It will happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. The beer is in order. So are doggie hugs (they always helped me, anyway).