March for Babies

Friday, July 22, 2005

It is in the water...and I am thirsty

There must be something in the water...
I have recently learned about not one, not two but 5 babies that will be born to co-workers in the next 8 months.  What the FUCK is going on around here?
Co-worker #1) All THREE of his grown children are expecting babies AT THE SAME TIME!!!!  October, February and March due dates.  You know, grandparents don't share pictures and stories...oh, wait, YES THEY DO!!!!!
Co-worker #2) When he announced his wife was expecting a couple years ago I held it together just fine until I got home that night; and then BAWLED FOR HOURS!!!!  They are now expecting #2 in February.
Co-worker #3) The one who has been trying his hardest to push back the TTC for YEARS while his wife has pushed to have a baby just announced she is due in February.  My reaction?  I gave the man a thumbs up.
So, whatever the Hell is in the water around this place better work and someone better get me a BIG OLE JUG of it right quick because I don't know how much more of this I can take... and come February...I might just have to leave the country.


B said...

Oh holy hell! Good lord. Where's the eye-rolling emoticon when you need one. So sorry, Blue. Ugh.

ThreeBees said...

My husband's office is like that. Seemed like everyday he'd come home and tell me that someone else was expecting. . . I finally snapped and told him to stop telling me that crap -- it doesn't help when everyone else is getting what you so badly want and have tried so hard to get. We said the same thing -- "there must be something in the water over there."

I hope you get a big ol' jug of that water soon. Thinking of you. Have a good weekend.