March for Babies

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Reason #957 NOT to tell your family you are infertile.

We have been quite open about our fertility, or rather, lack thereof, with family and friends and T's coworkers.  Today I received this message from SIL married to T's older brother.
How are you doing?  (MIL) said you were trying to have a baby, I actually tried talking my bother into adopting out their 8th child they just had last month to you and T.  They have 7 now (1 was already adopted out),  they can't afford these children.  He lives with my parents in the top part of their home.  If you need eggs I have plenty of those lol.  Seriously if there is anything we can do, we are willing to help.
Um, ew, and um, um, no and um, ew.  But Thanks Anyway.


PJ said...

People just don't know what to say.

I can't believe that she would offer up someone else's child, that's just crazy.

Jen P said...

I just keep reading it and shaking my head. It's just so...random.

Hope you're doing well and lots of luck for tomorrow.

DeadBug said...


But, still, at least she was thinking of you.

But, still,



LK said...


Almost no one knows of ourTTC troubles, and those who do have been sworn to secrecy. Now I remember why we did it like that. People REALLY don't know what to say, and their attempts at improving it are usually disastrous. I mean, her intents were good, she wants you to get a kid. But....ech.