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Friday, July 08, 2005

We've Got to Keep on Movin'

So I started out dreading the 1000mg of Metformin after all the reading I've done on it.  I was sure I would become one of those women with the HEBs (Highly Explosive Bowels, not my term sorry, I'm borrowing it because it is so perfect).  I took my 500mg tablet with breakfast and dinner and expected to feel sick and be running to the bathroom all the time. I read about time released tablets and wondered if those might be better.  I wondered if 1000mg was enough considering I have seen other women on much higher doses and ...just as with the Clomid...I was not getting ANY side effects. (Yes, you can hate me if you want to.) 
Life went on as usual.  The only thing I did differently was I stopped drinking due to my fear of liver complications.  I miss drinking.  I really do.
Since I have been doing the lower-carb thing I have been in need of a bit of extra fiber in my diet.  This surprised me greatly considering the reputation of the Metformin.  I needed help.  I started taking two fiber pills with my lunch.  Met in the morning, fiber at noon and Met at night.  I was regular as clockwork.  Whoo Hoo!
Then the Fertility God bumped up my Met to 1500mg per day.  I take one in the morning and two at night.  This made me re-think the fiber pills.  After a few days of skipping the fiber pills following my successful morning trip to the ladies room I determined that the new higher dose of Met would be all I needed to keep things moving.
Then I was 1DPIUI and I spent I don't know how long in the ladies room at work trying to split myself in two.  Things were no longer moving.  I pushed, I breathed, I counted to ten.  I was laboring just like I've seen the women on TV push out a baby. (Grab your knees and curl yourself into a C.)  I thought for sure I was pushing out all of the sperm deposited by the IUI the day before.  (That would be my luck.)  I finally accomplished what I needed to do and hurried (hobbled) back to my desk to take the fiber tablets I thought were in my purse.  They were not.  I had taken them out since I hadn't been using them lately.  Damn!
Since then I have once again started taking the two fiber tablets with lunch.  I am still having trouble getting things to go smoothly in that area.  I unfortunately have wondered if this turn in events could be related to the IUI.  Could this be an early pregnancy sign?  (Yeah, at 1DPIUI. *shaking my head*)  Now I must sit back and watch to see if maybe it is related to this time of my cycle.  I usually get constipated the week before AF and then when she starts things take a HUGE turn in the opposite direction.  For now I am drinking tons of water, eating LOADS of fresh fruit and high fiber cereal.
So, here I sit, gingerly, waiting to see what next week will bring. 


B said...

Is this post out of order? Perhaps like your bathroom antics? I thought you were like 8DPIUI? Confused as always...


VHMPrincess said...

I have never heard of Met causing constipation...Goodness knows I never even had a HINT of that on Met...I'm voting it's a pregnancy sign??!!

Shannan L said...

Just wanted to wish you all the best this cycle. Thanks for posting on my blog and giving me info. on Femara. I appreciate it!

Jen P said...

I can't suggest Flaxseed Oil enough for the um, er, bowel problems, seeing as I only met that fate after iron pills. I've always had HEB, so I can really sympathize. Gah.

Fingers crossed that this is a good sign, a suck sign, but a good one!

oliviadrab said...

With me, all it took was sugar and WHAMMY the bowels were moving like a freight train without brakes. Not that THAT is what you want, but sugar causes Met to move things along.

But I agree with VHM.. I've NEVER known Met to cause constipation. Wow. I hope it's a good sign too.

averyjenn said...

Wish I could help, I'm a HEB on Metformin, 1,500 mg. A green salad is a guaranteed sprint to the toilet for me!