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Friday, February 10, 2006

Interesting Developments, Not Necessarily Good

So the doctor said yesterday that my fundal height is measuring 4 weeks ahead. Dr. Google told me this was unreliable at best. The u/s tech told me on Jan. 19 that the baby was measuring a week ahead. I am being sent for another u/s on Monday to rule out polyhydramnios. According to the March of Dimes, this could be a bad thing. Of course, the words "rule out" and "could be" should be the operative words in that sentiment, but... I have never heard of this condition before. I am a bit surprised by it. Anyone have any thoughts?

She also told me not to have so many Braxton Hicks contractions. No seriously! I told her I feel those more than the baby moving. She said, "Don't do that". Um, how?

I am to get maternity support hose to help stop the swelling in my feet and I am to drink more water and less juice. She is unhappy with the weight that I have gained. I campaigned that it was the fluid I am retaining and not the food I have been eating. I also need to reduce the amount of salt in my diet. I am willing not to salt my food and to skip the french fries and chips but can I still have my V8?

*sigh* The thought of preterm labor from the polyhydramnios worries me a bit. My goal is to make it to 30 weeks. If I can get to that milestone I would feel a whole lot better even though I have read that at 24 weeks (next Tuesday) Light Blue will be viable, I just would feel much better at 30. Not to mention we still need to find a replacement for me to cover my job while I am off. Oh yeah, and I was going to take 8 weeks maternity leave because that is pretty much the only way we could afford to do it, if I deliver early to the point of requiring the NICU or am put on bedrest we are screwed.

Speaking of the NICU, no word yet from my boss on how his son is doing. I am sure there will be an update sometime today. I am leaving for our getaway weekend at noon so hopefully we will hear something sooner rather than later.


daysgoby said...

My thoughts are with you! Follow the doctor's orders (although I'm not sure how not to feel BH contractions!) and soon you'll know for sure. The not-knowing is the worst part!

Sandy said...

THinking of you too and hoping you're enjoying your getaway. Imagine...stop those BH contractions....get right on that will ya? Sheesh.

Lauren said...

I wanted to tell you that I wouldn't worry too much. Babies go through growth spurts, and this whole thing may settle down in a few weeks. Part of dealing with hospitals/docs is the scary "risk" language... I've heard of polyhydramnios, it CAN be bad, but it seems like you're early enough in your preg that things could even out and it could just be that your kiddo is measuring because he/she IS big for now, but that might level out. Don't get freaked.

ThreeBees said...

Hang in there. Hopefully now that they know about it they'll be able to keep you and Light Blue well monitored. I'm sure the growth will even out.

Hope you had a great weekend getaway! Thinking of you.