March for Babies

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prayers, Thoughts, Good Vibes, Whatever Ya Got

My boss and his wife welcomed their first child into the world last night after 27 hours trying to induce.  She ended up with a C-section when the baby appeared to be in distress and labor was not progressing.  After all the excitement settled down they sent the baby off to sleep for a while in the nursery to that mom and dad could get some rest.  At 4am dad was awakened by a doctor telling him that his son's blood sugar was dangerously low, like brain damage inducing low, so he is now in the NICU.  His tests this morning have shown great improvement but they are keeping a close eye on him and not making any promises as to when he might be released from the NICU.  They are hoping mom will feel up to a wheelchair ride down to visit him sometime today. 
I do not pray, but I keep people in my thoughts and send good vibes and healthy wishes, etc.  If you are willing to do any of those things for this little baby boy who just seems to need a little support right now I would be so grateful.

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ThreeBees said...

How scary! Consider my good thoughts and vibes sent. . .