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Friday, February 03, 2006

Maybe we should just name her Braxton

Ever since leaving the gym last night where I was quite proud of myself for completing my second good workout this week I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions.  They started in the car on the way home from the gym and were quite intense for about three hours or so.  I noticed that they calmed down considerably once I sprawled on the couch to eat dinner and put my swollen feet up.
I slept fitfully last night with strange dreams involving my grandparents, one of my childhood homes, college textbooks, a girl who was supposed to be my good friend but I do not know in real life , packing a suitcase to take to my shower (as in get clean shower, not get gifts shower), Jim Carey and time travel.  If you can find a common thread in there anywhere I will knit you a hat.
I've had occasional but undeniable BH contractions throughout the day today.  I called my doctor and the nurse said as long as there is no spotting and they continue to fit the definitions of BH contractions not to worry.  If it happens again post workout I might need to change things a bit, ease up a little.  I have been doing 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 30 minutes on the bike.  If that is too much I guess I'll switch to 60 minutes on the treadmill, or maybe short breaks every 15 minutes or something.  This sucks, I don't want to fall out of shape leading up to labor and delivery. Still, I am listening very carefully to my body.  I shall do as it instructs me, if that means choosing the couch over the gym then so be it. However, I do not have to be happy about it.
In other news: Remember back when I completely freaked out that there were FIVE babies due this spring to people in my office and that I might have to leave the country come about February?  Well, start your shallow breathing folks because my boss and his wife are at the hospital as I type.  Her bp is up and they are going to induce.  It is exactly this moment that makes me SO happy that I am facing this birth as a pregnant woman.  It will be quickly followed by another in the next couple weeks and then two more in March.  I cannot imagine what I would do with myself were I not in my current condition.  I believe there would be copious amounts of tears and alcohol involved.  But, then again, I did that when their pregnancies were announced oh so long ago. T wanted me to get over it and prepare myself for the next announcement so that it wouldn't hit me so hard each time.  I didn't like that advice then and I don't like it now.  The pain was so raw and so crushing and so overwhelming I know the births and subsequent stories and pictures would pummel me to bits.  It was Light Blue that saved me.  It was my RE and the nurses and that afternoon we spent at the beach following IUI#2 but above all it was Light Blue.  Someday when she is older, maybe trying to have a little one of her own, I will explain to her how she saved me and try to thank her.  I hope she never truly understands it.

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