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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Most Popular Wife in the House

So T figured that the weekend before Valentine's Day would be a great time for a little romantic get away.  I heartily agreed and therefore we are both leaving work early on Friday afternoon to head up to "our place up north" which happens to be Traverse City.  Our usual hotel has been bulldozed with a replacement already mostly built in its place so we are left a bit adrift trying to find a new home up there.  We have been going to TC every 6-12 months for the past 8 years or so.  We feel comfortable there, we feel relaxed there, we feel romantic there and we almost always get lucky regardless of how we make out at the casinos.
I booked us a room at a new hotel which has promised me a view of the East Bay, a huge indoor pool with hot tub and a whirlpool bath in the room from which I plan on watching the Budweiser Shootout on Saturday night while sipping sparkling grape juice from our nifty keepsake champaign glasses.  This is romance to me.  T and I on our own in our hotel up north watching tv until we think the pool will be deserted enough to allow us some non-splashy quasi-privacy in which to swim and enjoy each other's company.  *sigh* 
This weekend should be made even more special as it will be our first road trip since acquiring satellite radio.  Not the two letter one, but the one with the self proclaimed king of all media who gets bad press all over the place but who has brought this particular satellite radio's listenership from a measely 600,000 up to and beyond 3.3 million in less than a year.  Not shabby.  We are tre excited since we can listen to channels such as Hard Attack (heavy metal is an understatement), Raw Dog (comedy) and my hubby's new favorite Bubba the L*ve Sponge.  *shrug* 
I shall be the most bestest sweetheart he has ever had (Ok, Ok, so I am the only sweetheart he has ever had, doesn't that still qualify me for the Best category?) as I have just now been able to purchase the home docking station for the satellite radio transmitter which heretofore has only been able to pick up signal in the car.  This is of course a very big point of such radios. However, the reason we chose the one that we did was so that he could move it from home to car to work back to home, etc.  It is PORTABLE.  Well, until now, the home docking stations have been unavailable.  This was his Christmas gift from me.  It will not be complete until we receive this part, which, thanks to my DAILY checking at every website known to electronics-kind is now scheduled to arrive on Friday.  Hopefully, before we leave for TC. *fingers crossed*  This is just the kind of thing he needs to put a smile on his face.  The poor man has been suffering some major stress from work and has been more than pitching in around the house since my feet have been swelling and require putting up at the end of the day.  He needs something to be happy about, something that is just his for fun, no expectations attached.
It should be a really good weekend.


ThreeBees said...

Hope you have a very fun and romantic getaway! Happy Valentine's day to you and Light Blue.

I wish we had satellite radio -- Denver radio is total crap!

daysgoby said...

Traverse is awesome for getaways! Have fun!!