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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Long Story

In chronological order...
We went to Traverse City this past weekend as sort of a Valentine's Getaway/Babymoon trip.  We had a most fabulous time.  We loved the hotel, we loved the pool, we worked out in their exercise room Saturday morning and were the only two people in there.  We went to the casino and walked out with $25 more than when we walked in.  We loved the in room whirlpool spa and the view of the bay.  Our room was on the beach (snow covered though it was) and T even fed the ducks some of our crackers.  I have pictures to prove it!  It was just a really really good time, just the two of us, no worries about work or what we needed to do to the house, or finances or anything.  Just vacation away.  It was GREAT!!!!
Monday we were back to business as usual.  Around 10:30am or so I started getting spasms in my back.  On the lower left side, really bad ones.  They felt like charlie horses cramping up and then easing a bit (but still there) and then cramping up again.  I fled to the ladies room at one point because the pain was so bad I thought I might get sick.  When three of those gripping shooting pains made their way around to the front and ended in what felt like uterine contractions I called my doc.  She said it was probably nothing (you know except crippling muscle spasms) but for me to go down to L&D to get checked out anyway.  I called T and told him I was headed down.  I told him not to worry about leaving work at that point, I expected to have them give me the once over and then send me on my way and I would call if anything else came up.  I waited an hour in my triage bed gripping the bedrail with both hands trying to get through the pain all the while listening to the woman in the next bed over making arrangements for her epidural.  I could have used one of those yesterday, let me tell you! 
They hooked me up to the monitors which showed I was not contracting and Light Blue was doing just fine. At one point she karate chopped directly on the monitor and BOY was that loud!  Kabooom!  That was the biggest kick she's let out yet, I think she doesn't like us spying on her.  :0)  They checked me for a UTI which came back clear and checked my cervix which remains high and closed.  They wrote me a script for Vicodin and sent me back to work.  I never filled the script, two extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours plus a heating pad when I got home last night seem to have done the trick.  The spasms have stopped *knocking on wood* for now.
Last night after dinner we went back down to the hospital for my follow up u/s.  Light Blue is still proving to be a girl which makes us happy.  She is head down and weighing in at 1 pound 13 ounces.  She is still measuring ahead and this tech wrote down yet another due date (we have gone from June 6 to May 31 to now May 26)  I am sticking with June 6 because otherwise I would just drive myself crazy.  The reason we were there was to check the Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI) which we suspected was high due to my measuring large and a note from the last u/s.  Apparently the AFI is measured in centimeters.  They actually look to see how big the "pockets" of fluid are around the baby.  They take four measurements and add them all together to give you your AFI.  The tech said it depends what doctor you ask as to what is "normal".  Some say the top end of normal is 20cm others say 25cm.  Mine came in at 23.5cm so I am either abnormal or not depending on which way my doctor leans.  I figured either way I am borderline so they probably will just watch it closely instead of intervening in any way.
This Saturday I am going in for the Gestational Diabetes Screening.  Not exactly looking forward to drinking that stuff but every time I am asked about my size or the baby's size by a medical professional they always ask if I have GD.  I assume they think that Big Baby = GD.  I am hoping not.
While all this was going on my mother managed to fall on some ice while attempting to walk her dog and shattered her right wrist.  She is right handed.  She is still waiting to get an appointment with the hand surgeon to find out whether or not she needs surgery or if they can just cast it.  Not good.  I think we will have to take Maggie over to go for a co-walk with "Aunt Twink".

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ThreeBees said...

So glad you had a great weekend. Sound like a very scary Monday but I am glad that everything checked out okay. Hope your back begins to feel better soon -- take it easy and have a wonderful Valentine's Day.